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Tips for Moving from Pandas to Koalas

Haejoon Lee, et al, walk us through migrating existing code written for Pandas to use the Koalas library:

In particular, two types of users benefit the most from Koalas:

– pandas users who want to scale out using PySpark and potentially migrate codebase to PySpark. Koalas is scalable and makes learning PySpark much easier
– Spark users who want to leverage Koalas to become more productive. Koalas offers pandas-like functions so that users don’t have to build these functions themselves in PySpark

This blog post will not only demonstrate how easy it is to convert code written in pandas to Koalas, but also discuss the best practices of using Koalas; when you use Koalas as a drop-in replacement of pandas, how you can use PySpark to work around when the pandas APIs are not available in Koalas, and when you apply Koalas-specific APIs to improve productivity, etc. The example notebook in this blog can be found here.

Read on to learn more.