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Azure AD Passthrough and Password Hash Authentication in SQL DB, DW, MI

Mirek Sztajno announces two new security pieces for Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure SQL Managed Instances:

We are announcing support for Azure AD pass-through and password hash authentication for Azure SQL DB (single database and database pools), Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse (formerly SQL DW).

Azure AD password hash authentication is the simplest way to enable authentication for on-premises Active Directory users in Azure AD. Users are synchronized with Azure AD and password validation occurs in the cloud using the same username and password that is used in on-premises environments. No additional infrastructure is required.

Azure AD pass-through authentication provides a password validation mechanism that validate users directly with on-premises Active Directory, outside the cloud. Pass-through authentication does not require ADFS or other third-party federation services.

– Each of these authentication methods can be configured by Azure AD Connect, allowing you to provision users in the cloud.

Read on to see what this means for you.