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MR3: Hive on Kubernetes

Alex Woodie reports on a DataMonad production:

MR3 is a software product developed by a team led by Sungwoo Park. The software, which is not open source, is sold by a Delaware-based software company called DataMonad. After prototyping a Java-based execution engine called MR2 in the 2013 timeframe, development of Scala-based MR3 began in 2015. The first release of MR3 was delivered in early 2018, and version 1.0 was released yesterday.

According to DataMonad, MR3 is an execution engine for big data processing, and Hive is the first and main application that’s been configured to run on it (Tez is also supported). The company says MR3 offers comparable performance to the latest release of Hive, dubbed LLAP, but without the technical complexity.

The closed-sourcedness is a bit of a downer, but I like having more competition in the space.