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Creating Sources and Sinks with Blink

Seth Wiesman has a tutorial showing how to create sources and sinks using Apache Flink’s SQL interface, Blink:

A lot of work focused on improving runtime performance and progressively extending its coverage of the SQL standard. Flink now supports the full TPC-DS query set for batch queries, reflecting the readiness of its SQL engine to address the needs of modern data warehouse-like workloads. Its streaming SQL supports an almost equal set of features – those that are well defined on a streaming runtime – including complex joins and MATCH_RECOGNIZE.

As important as this work is, the community also strives to make these features generally accessible to the broadest audience possible. That is why the Flink community is excited in 1.10 to offer production-ready DDL syntax (e.g., CREATE TABLEDROP TABLE) and a refactored catalog interface.

Click through for a demonstration. One of the nicest things about the ANSI SQL standard is that it was intended to be a one-language solution, where the language used for administration is the same as the language used for regular queries. That cuts down on the number of languages you need to know to get your job done.