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Registering a Raspberry Pi 4 as an IoT Edge Device

Hasan Savran takes us through turning a Raspberry Pi 4 into an Azure IoT Edge device:

You can buy all type of sensors and connect them to Raspberry Pi. Then you can use Python or .NET Core to write small applications to check your connected sensors and read data from the sensors. If you like to push this data to store or analyze in Azure, then you need to make Raspberry Pi ready by installing couple of applications.
      Installing an application in Windows, is not a big deal for me. I had to install and configure all the applications in Linux in this project. First thing we need to do is copying some files to register Microsoft GPG key and software repository feed. To do that, we will use the curl command. Curl is used for transferring data using various protocols including HTTP/S. We are going to use it to copy some files from Internet to local storage. It’s a fancy copy tool.

There are a few steps involved, but nothing too onerous. I think I know where Hasan is going with this, too.