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Azure Synapse Analytics Result Set Caching

Niko Neugebauer takes us through result set caching in Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Synapse Analytics:

I just put some result on the output, because as you can imagine there are some certain limits on the amount of the output that will be cached and that will be not. Besides the basic logical stuff, such as having deterministic functions only (functions which output will not be varying depending on the execution), not using System Objects or UDFs (and it seems that scalar UDF inlining is not a part of Azure SQL DW yet), no row-level security or column-level security enabled, the main thing and which seems to be pretty good decision as far as I am concerned – the row size larger than 64KB won’t be cached period.

Read on to see what Niko has learned, including cache performing and limitations. Between this and the data pools in SQL Server Big Data Clusters, Microsoft’s spent some time thinking about data caching in cloud-based versions of SQL Server.