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SQL Server 2019: Database Snapshots and In-Memory Filegroups

Niko Neugebauer points out a small but interesting addition to SQL Server 2019:

Database Snapshots can serve for so many great purposes, such as Quick Restores and DWH/BI/Reporting reading operations, between others.

In-Memory is still the feature that I love a lot, and while the most active Programming Feature has not seen a lot (or enough) development, because frankly we are back to “Chicken & Egg, Who was first” kind of problem, I see little but important developments and most importantly feature integration. The original implementation in Sql Server 2014 and further improvements in Sql Server 2016 & Sql Server 2017 have improved the programming surface to being useful member of the toolkit, but some of the current limitations are dreading for a number of people and projects.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has been silently working on the improvements and one of them is the support for the Database Snapshots of the In-Memory File Groups in the Sql Server 2019.

I haven’t used database snapshots in a while, but I was fond of them for testing purposes and even wrote an ugly WinForms app to let devs manage them at a prior company.

Click through for Niko’s demonstration as well as a limitation with this.