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Troubleshooting Kafka Listeners

Robin Moffatt has some tips for configuring listeners in Kafka:

Apache Kafka® is a distributed system. Data is read from and written to the leader for a given partition, which could be on any of the brokers in a cluster. When a client (producer/consumer) starts, it will request metadata about which broker is the leader for a partition—and it can do this from anybroker. The metadata returned will include the endpoints available for the Leader broker for that partition, and the client will then use those endpoints to connect to the broker to read/write data as required.

It’s these endpoints that cause people trouble. On a single machine, running bare metal (no VMs, no Docker), everything might be the hostname (or just localhost), and it’s easy. But once you move into more complex networking setups and multiple nodes, you have to pay more attention to it.

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