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Database Backups With dbatools

Garry Bargsley continues the 12 Days of dbatools series, this time taking a look at taking backups:

We are on the home stretch and I have saved the last third of the series to cover some pretty cool/amazing commands.  Not that all 500+ commands are not cool/amazing but these last few are used continuously in my environment and bring automation closer to your finger tips with PowerShell and SQL Server then ever before.
Have you ever been asked to take a database backup before a developer does a deployment?  Have you ever been asked to backup a database to restore it to a development or other environment?  How about, hey can you take a quick transaction log backup?  These can all be accomplished using Backup-DbaDatabase and only changing a couple of parameters each time.

This post is strictly about taking backups, but dbatools is also great about testing backups.