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Using NUnit For SQL Server Integration Tests

Ben Jarvis shows us how to use NUnit to perform integration testing with SQL Server stored procedures:

I wanted a way to automate the integration testing of my repositories and stored procedures so I developed the solution described below using NUnit as the test framework and SQL Server LocalDB as the database to run my tests against.

I had the following requirements for my solution which NUnit has been able to satisfy:

  • Quick – tests should run quickly and not require massive amounts of set up / tear down

  • Independent – all tests should be independent from one another and responsible for their own set up / tear down

  • Simple – the test code should be simple to understand and easy to work with when writing new tests.

  • Work Everywhere – the tests should be able to work anywhere and not require huge dependencies like a full SQL Server instance, they should be able to work with SQL LocalDB

Read on for the solution.