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Building A Model Using SQL Server ML Services

I have a post which shows how to build a simple R model to predict demand for an item:

I am a huge fan of the Poisson distribution.  It is special in that its one parameter (lambda) represents both the mean and the variance of the distribution.  At the limit, a Poisson distribution becomes normal.  But it’s most useful in helping us pattern infrequently-occurring events.  For example, selling 3-4 watches per day.

Estimating a Poisson is also easy in R:  lambda is simply the mean of your sample counts, and there is a function called rpois() which takes two parameters:  the number of events you want to generate and the value of lambda.

So what I want to do is take my data from SQL Server, feed it into R, and return back a prediction for the next seven days.

This was a simple post, but the next two in the series will expand upon it and build out a full implementation.