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Parquet Files in Pandas

Chris LaGreca works with Parquet files:

Apache Parquet has become one of the defacto standards in modern data architecture. This open source, columnar data format serves as the backbone of many high-powered analytics and machine learning pipelines, supported by many of the worlds most sophisticated platforms and services. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud all offer built-in support for Parquet while big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and Databricks natively support Parquet, allowing seamless data processing and analytics. Parquet is also foundational in data lakehouse formats like Delta Lake, Iceberg, and Hudi, where its features are further enhanced.

Parquet is efficient and has broad industry support. In this post, I will showcase a few simple techniques to demonstrate working with Parquet and leveraging its special features using Pandas.

Pandas does make this rather easy, as Chris shows.

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