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Day: July 9, 2024

Automating R Scripts via taskscheduleR

Steven Sanderson builds a Windows task:

Today, let’s dive into a nifty R package called taskscheduleR that can automate running your R scripts. Whether you need to execute a task every hour or just once a day, taskscheduleR has you covered. This package leverages the Windows Task Scheduler, making it a breeze to schedule and automate repetitive tasks directly from R. Let’s walk through a couple of examples from my new book, “Extending Excel with Python and R”.

Click through for those examples. Also check out Steven’s new book, that came out at the end of April.

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Building a Data API (with POST Operations) using Data API Builder

Eduardo Pivaral digs into DAB:

In the previous tip on Data API Builder (DAB) for SQL Server, we discussed how REST APIs provide a secure and platform-agnostic method to share database information using REST or GRAPHQL and how DAB simplifies the process of creating data APIs without the need for extensive coding or third-party tools.

What can we do if we want POST operations? Is it possible to achieve? What other options do we have if we want to implement Data API solutions in our production environments?

Read on to learn more about how this works.

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sp_delete_backuphistory Removes Restore History Too

Steve Jones susses out a problem:

I had a customer that was looking to document a restore that had occurred on one of their systems and didn’t see it. They had concerns about SQL Server accurately tracking history across time and noted they hadn’t cleaned any history.

We dug through some of their instance jobs and found one that ran sp_delete_backuphistory. The person didn’t realize this removes restore history as well. This post talks a bit about how this works.

Read on for the full story.

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Document Templates in SQL

Sebastiao Pereira fills in the blanks:

In some industries, there is a series of repeated content stored about a specific topic, i.e., contracts, terms and conditions, legal agreements, lease agreements, bills, etc., with only minor differences. With these documents, there is a need to just replace specific keywords. What is the most efficient way to maintain consistency, data accuracy, and optimize storage?

This is a technique I’ve used a few times, and there’s no real trick to it: just pick something as your tag identifier that will never appear in the text itself.

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Window and Information Functions in DAX

Nikola Ilic continues a series on getting ready for the DP-600 exam:

If you’re coming from the SQL world, you might have already heard about window functions. However, window functions are relatively new enhancement in the DAX language. Similar to SQL, they aim to provide the possibility to calculate specific expressions over a sorted and partitioned set of rows.

Read on to learn about three window functions in DAX, followed by a discussion of information functions and what they do.

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