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Cross-Workspace Data Transfer in Microsoft Fabric

Reitse Eskens moves some data around:

When you open Fabric, the first thing you need to do is choose a so-called workspace. This serves as a container for all your Fabric items. You can have one or more workspaces and the design is entirely up to you. From one workspace to rule them all to one workspace for each set of items (Lakehouse, Warehouse, Semantic model and Report, Pipeline, Notebook etc). Until yesterday (the day this blogpost came online) it was impossible to use a pipeline to get data across different workspaces.

You could work around it with tricks like shortcuts, but it feels more natural (or maybe I’m just old ;)) to be able to read data from workspace 1 and write it into workspace 2.
So let’s see how this works and, where capacity is used!

Click through to see it in action.

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