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Understanding the Delta Lake Format

Reza Rad has a new post and video combo:

Please don’t get lost in the terminology pit regarding analytics. You have probably heard of Lake Structure, Data Lake, Lakehouse, Delta Tables, and Delta Lake. They all sound the same! Of course, I am not here to talk about all of them; I am here to explain what Delta Lake is.

Delta Lake is an open-source standard for Apache Spark workloads (and a few others). It is not specific to Microsoft; other vendors are using it, too. This open-source standard format stores table data in a way that can be beneficial for many purposes.

In other words, when you create a table in a Lakehouse in Fabric, the underlying structure of files and folders for that table is stored in a structure (or we can call it format) called Delta Lake.

Read on to learn more about this open standard and how it all fits together with Microsoft Fabric.