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Monitoring ML Models in production

Thomas Sobolik and Leopold Boudard talk model drift:

Regardless of how much effort teams put into developing, training, and evaluating ML models before they deploy, their functionality inevitably degrades over time due to several factors. Unlike with conventional applications, even subtle trends in the production environment a model operates in can radically alter its behavior. This is especially true of more advanced models that use deep learning and other non-deterministic techniques. It’s not enough to track the health and throughput of your deployed ML service alone. In order to maintain the accuracy and effectiveness of your model, you need to continuously evaluate its performance and identify regressions so that you can retrain, fine-tune, and redeploy at an optimal cadence.

In this post, we’ll discuss key metrics and strategies for monitoring the functional performance of your ML models in production […]

Click through for the article. There’s a Datadog pitch at the end, but the info is useful regardless of which tool you’re using for monitoring.