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pl/dotnet Version 0.99

Brick Abode announces F# and C# support within Postgres:

pl/dotnet adds full support for C# and F# to PostgreSQL. 0.99 is our public beta release; we wish to share its amazingness with the world.

  • We support all PL operations: functions, procedures, DO, SPI, triggers, records, SRF, OUT/INOUT, table functions, etc
  • We natively support 40 out of 46 standard user types, the most of any external PL
  • Fully NPGSQL-compatible, and SPI is exposed through the NPGSQL API for maximum compatibility
  • In our benchmarks, C# and F# are the fastest Procedural Languages in PostrgreSQL
  • All features are fully tested for both C# and F#, with 1013 unit tests
  • 100% free software under the PostgreSQL license

This is a beta release; we invite usage and welcome feedback.

Look at me, side-eyeing SQL Server and how SQLCLR still doesn’t have F# support. I still maintain that the single biggest mistake Microsoft made around SQLCLR was adopting the “safe” and “unsafe” mode language. C# developers understood that “unsafe” meant you could get access to pointers and other internals that .NET languages typically hide from us. But try explaining that to a DBA, who doesn’t understand the language or the concepts.

On the bright side, .NET languages are the fastest procedural languages for Postgres, so that’s pretty neat. H/T Sergey Tihon.