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Exposing Kafka Data in Iceberg using Tableflow

Marc Selwan announces a new product:

We’re excited to talk about our vision for Tableflow, which makes it push-button simple to take Apache Kafka® data and feed it directly into your data lake, warehouse, or analytics engine as Apache Iceberg® tables. Making operational data accessible to the analytical world is traditionally a complex, expensive, and brittle process and we believe we can do better to unify the operational and analytical estates.

Tableflow removes all this erroneous, duplicative work and helps convert Kafka topics and associated schemas to Iceberg tables in one click. This is central to our Confluent’s vision to build the world’s leading data streaming platform that fuels any operational and analytical workload with real-time data products. 

It looks like this is currently in early access, but you can see where Confluent intends to take the product.