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Exploring the gRPC API in Spark Connect with .NET

Ed Elliott continues a series on Spark Connect. First, Ed builds out something DataFrame API-ish:

So there are two goals of this post, the first is to take a look at Apache Arrow and how we can do things like show the output from DataFrame.Show, the second is to start to create objects that look more familiar to us, i.e. the DataFrame API.

If that’s not enough for you, Ed then shows how you can analyze a plan:

In this post we will continue looking at the gRPC API and the AnalyzePlan method which takes a plan and analyzes it. To be honest I expected this to be longer but decided just to do the AnalyzePlan method.

This has been a really fun series so far from Ed, so check these out. The only downside is that the people demand more F#. And by “the people,” I mostly mean that I would love to see F# examples.