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Architecting a Public-Facing Azure Container Registry

Kumar Ashwin Hubert and Rajesh Singh share an architecture with us:

This reference architecture describes the deployment of secured Azure Container Registry for consuming docker images and artifacts by customer applications over external (public internet) network.

This architecture builds on Microsoft’s recommended security best practices to expose private applications for external access. It utilizes the ACR’s token and scope map feature to provide granular access control to ACR’s repositories. Also, ACR internally uses the Docker APIs, and it is recommended to be familiar with these concepts before deploying this architecture.

I think this is a great example of the good and the bad of Azure architectures. The good is that you get a thoughful, well-explained, thorough description of the services you need and how they fit together, and there are a lot of those in the Azure Architecture Center. The bad is that, if I want to secure one container registry, I need a dozen different services. If we didn’t have this particular architecture diagram, I doubt 1 in 50 cloud specialists would come up with all of these services.