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Visualizing Power BI Import Dependencies as a Graph

Chris Webb builds graphs, but not those types of graphs–the other type of graphs:

A few years ago a new pair of Profiler events was added for Power BI Import mode datasets (and indeed AAS models): the Job Graph events. I blogged about them here but they never got used by anyone because it was extremely difficult to extract useful data from them – you had to run a Profiler trace, save the trace file, run a Python script to generate a .dgml file, then open that file in Visual Studio – which was a shame because they contain a lot of really interesting, useful information. The good news is that with the release of Semantic Link in Fabric and the ability to run Profiler traces from a Fabric notebook it’s now much easier to access Job Graph data and in this blog post I’ll show you how.

Read on to see an example of it in action.