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Troubleshooting the Automation of a Process

Reitse Eskens tells a tale of woe:

When I got the job to restore a bacpac file, I didn’t think much of it. Because it’s quite easy. Get the bacpac and restore it with Azure Data Studio or Sql Server Management Studio. Get coffee, done. Then I got these requirements:

  • The bacpac needs to be downloaded daily from an sFTP server, without certificate
  • The bacpac file is in a zip file
  • The zip file is password protected
  • Everything must be done serverless (Azure Automation, Logic App, Function App, Data Factory and/or Synapse Analytics)
  • It’s a daily process that needs to be done without human supervision

Welcome to cloud development: Part A is easy, Part B is easy, Part C is mildly challenging, and combining A with B and C is a total nightmare because it turns out that A and B aren’t compatible, so by the end, you’re dealing with A” and b and D (because C, C’, C”, etc. wouldn’t work and c and c’ would work but had severe limitations preventing you from using it in this scenario).