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Trying out Batch Mode on Rowstore

Etienne Lopes has some fun with a feature:

Before 2012, creating analytical queries (that usually scan many rows and have lots of aggregations) from big OLTP databases to feed real-time based reports used in decision making processes, could be quite challenging. Then ColumnStore Indexes arrived and they’ve been enhanced overtime, offering amazing gains both in performance and storage.

Unfortunately, regarding pure OLTP databases, there are many situations in which ColumnStore Indexes can’t (or won’t) be used. There are some great performance enhancements present in columnstore that’s for sure and today I’m going to speak about one that became automatically available since SQL Server 2019 for “traditional” RowStore tables. It’s called “Batch Mode on Rowstore” and it can really boost some of our analytical queries over the “traditional tables” without any effort from our side!

There are a series of specific rules you need to hit but if you hit them, I’ve noticed about a 3x performance gain with you doing nothing at all.