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Cloning Tables in Microsoft Fabric

Koen Verbeeck is interested:

A while ago I had a little blog post series about cool stuff in Snowflake. I’m starting up a similar series, but this time for Microsoft Fabric. I’m not going to cover the basic of Fabric, hundreds of bloggers have already done that. I’m going to cover little bits & pieces that I find interesting, that are similar to Snowflake features or something that is an improvement over the “regular” SQL Server.

To kick off this series, I’m going to start with a feature that also exists in Snowflakezero-copy cloning. The idea is that you create a copy of a table, but instead of actually copying the data, pointers are created behind the scenes that just point to the original data. This means creating a clone is a metadata-only operation and is thus very fast. If you make updates against your clone, they will be stored separately, so in all purposes it seems you created a brand new table. Except you didn’t.

Read on to see how this works and what its current limitations are compared to Snowflake.