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Microsoft Fabric and Dataverse

Jose Mendes let us know what’s going on with Dataverse:

If like me, you’ve been keeping taps on what Microsoft has been up to on the Power Platform world, you would have noticed that there are two concepts that are regularly referenced in their architectures and generally associated to each other, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2 and Common Data Model (CDM).

As Francesco referred in his blog, Microsoft ultimate vision is for the CDM to be the de facto standard data model, however, although there is a fair amount of resources talking about the capabilities and features, it can be a bit confusing to understand how you can actually store your data in the CDM format in ADLS and use it to run data analytics such as data warehousing, Power BI reporting and Machine Learning.

Read on for more of what’s happening on that front. I will admit that Dataverse tends to be way down on my list of priorities, but that’s because I’m a relational database snob.