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Augmenting the Gold Layer in Microsoft Fabric with Semantic Link

Nikola Ilic shows off one use case for Semantic Link:

I won’t spend time explaining what Semantic Link is – you can check a wonderful article written by my friend Sandeep Pawar, or refer to the official blog post. Sandeep’s blog post does a great job explaining not just what Semantic Link is, but also what are the possible use cases of this new feature.

Therefore, I will focus on explaining how you can leverage Semantic Link for a specific use case: I call it “Augmenting Gold Layer” (copyrights reserved). And, we will perform this “operation” by using SQL! Yes, you heard me well – we will leverage SparkSQL language to go above and beyond and “transform” the data currently sitting in Power BI datasets.

I will say that, for obvious reasons, this blog supports the Raw/Refined/Curated naming convention rather than Bronze/Silver/Gold, so I’d posit that this should be called the Augmented Curated Layer.

I can also recommend reading the blog post from Sandeep Pawar. It did a really good job of explaining why Semantic Link is worth getting excited about.