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In-Memory OLTP and Memory Allocation

Tanayankar Chakraborty explains an error:

We recently encountered a support case where a customer using In-memory tables in an Azure SQL DB, receives an error message while trying to insert data into the table that also has a clustered columnstore index. The customer then deleted the entire data from the In-memory Tables (With the clustered columnstore index), however it appeared that the Index Unused memory was still not released. Here’s the memory allocation the customer could see:


In addition to the error above- here is the error text:

Msg 41823, Level 16, State 109, Line 1

Could not perform the operation because the database has reached its quota for in-memory tables. This error may be transient. Please retry the operation. See ‘‘ for more information

In this case, the error ends up being a “didn’t read the manual” type of error.