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RCSI and ID-Driven ETL

Michael J. Swart shares a warning:

Yesterday, Kendra Little talked a bit about Lost Updates under RCSI. It’s a minor issue that can pop up after turning on RCSI as the default behavior for the Read Committed isolation level. But she doesn’t want to dissuade you from considering the option and I agree with that advice.

In fact, even though we turned RCSI on years ago, by a bizarre coincidence, we only came across our first RCSI-related issue very recently. But it wasn’t update related. Instead, it has to do with an ETL process. To explain it better, consider this demo:

Michael has one example solution. I could also see a “windback” run, where, instead of starting at the very end of the line for ETL, you start a few hundred rows earlier. That way, you can pick up any stragglers. It would add some overhead to the ETL task, but given that ETL jobs should be idempotent, it shouldn’t affect the end results.