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Generating Reproducible Reports with Jupyter and Quarto

Parisa Gregg and Myles Mitchell don’t need to copy and paste for their TPS reports:

Quarto is a free-to-use, open-source software based on Pandoc that enables users to convert plain text files into a range of formats, including PDF, HTML and powerpoint presentations. These documents can contain a mixture of narrative text, Python code, and figures that are dynamically generated by the embedded code.

This has many use-cases:

  • Your company may have a weekly board meeting to go over the latest sales figures. By having a Quarto presentation that pulls in the latest company sales data, you can regenerate the presentation slides each week at the click of a button.
  • As a researcher you may be preparing a report for publication. By having the code that generates data tables and figures embedded within the report, regenerating the draft as the experimental data floods in is a breeze!

Read on for a fun example of how you could automated a research-driven report.