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Where Git Repositories Store File Versions

Julia Evans digs into a folder:

Hello! I was talking to a friend about how git works today, and we got onto the topic – where does git store your files? We know that it’s in your .git directory, but where exactly in there are all the versions of your old files?

For example, this blog is in a git repository, and it contains a file called content/post/2019-06-28-brag-doc.markdown. Where is that in my .git folder? And where are the old versions of that file? Let’s investigate by writing some very short Python programs.

Read on to learn how you can parse it all out. And this is also reason number 3 why you don’t want to commit a large file to Git: even if you delete that file later, the contents will live in the .git folder forever, or at least until you take some manual action to excise it from Git’s history.

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