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Full-Text Search in Cosmos DB via Cognitive Services

Hasan Savran performs a search:

Incorporating Full-Text Search functionality into your application can enable users to locate what they are searching for effortlessly. Searching for specific words or phrases within a database has always been a difficulty, particularly for relational databases. Throughout my career, I’ve had countless discussions/arguments with DBAs about the importance of implementing full-text search in a relational database. We are in totally different times, now users want to search by voice, image, or video.

     Full-Text Search functionality is not part of Azure Cosmos DB’s Database Engine. Firstly, we must establish the Azure Cognitive Search service and link the data from Azure Cosmos DB to the Search Service. The process of setting up Azure Cognitive Search is relatively straightforward. Like other Azure services, you will need to answer similar types of questions beforehand. (Subscription, Resource Group, a name for the service, region, and tier)

By the way, Azure Cognitive Search is very similar to Elasticsearch, for those of you familiar with that technology.