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Creativity, Learning from Code, and the APPLY Operator

Rob Farley covers one of my favorite operators:

SQL Server 2005 was released, of course, in 2006, and I had been running the Adelaide SQL Server User Group since September 2005. Information about the new features had been coming through, and I’d been at TechEd Australia 2005 – my first since 1999. I was still an application developer at the time (well, a manager, but still getting my hands dirty), but saw the data as the most important part of my applications. When the T-SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2005 came through, there were two things that caught my eye (I know they were available in Oracle before SQL Server, but I was focusing more on the Microsoft platform by then). They were the OVER clause, and APPLY.

This is all part of a broader story about reading code to learn from it.