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Power BI Projects and Git Review

Teo Lachev wants to wait:

But to digress from Fabric, let’s take a look at two developer-oriented and frequently requested features that fortunately doesn’t require Fabric: Power BI Desktop projects and workspace integration with Git. The video in the link is a good starting point to understand how these features work.

Basically, the first feature lets you save a Power BI Desktop file as a *.pbip file which generates a set of folders with human-readable text files, such as the model.bim file (has the model definition described in JSON). Next, you can put these files under source control both in Power BI Desktop using any source-code enabled tool, such as Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio. Currently in preview, Power BI projects is an experimental feature (in fact, the Publish button is disabled so you can’t publish a project to Power BI Service).

Click through for Teo’s thoughts. This is something that I wish had been done 8 years ago, and as Teo points out, there’s still room to grow. But I do consider it a step forward from only being able to save PBIX files.