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Context and Auditors

Martin Schoombee shares a learning experience:

When you’re young and inexperienced you may have the determination to succeed (read: youthful exuberance), but the lack of experience (or understanding of the context) may get you in a lot of trouble because you may see something as black or white when in reality it’s a shade of grey.

This story is how my inexperience (almost) got me into a whole heap of trouble, and how it defined the rest of my career.

Read on for Martin’s story. Some advice I received early in my career is, give the auditors exactly what they ask for, no more and no less. Don’t assume they have detailed technical expertise—some do, but many don’t. And don’t assume they have the full story—they have what you’re saying and (typically) a built-in assumption that you’re soft-shoeing them.