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Microsoft Now Offering Replacement Hardware for Surface Devices

Laurent Giret shares the good news;

Starting today, Microsoft is now offering replacement components for Surface devices in its Microsoft Store. This should be great news for consumers with Surface devices that are out of warranty, and Microsoft is also offering free repair guides for its various Surface devices.

“While we have always offered world-class warranty and repair services via Microsoft support, we have been working to increase repair options by designing products that are easier to repair and by expanding our network of Authorized Service Providers. As part of this larger initiative, we are excited to offer replacement components to technically inclined consumers for out-of-warranty, self repair,” announced Tim McGuiggan, VP Devices Services & Product Engineering at Microsoft.

I’m big enough on right-to-repair that I’ll even mention it here. That said, the prices are, uh, a bit high. Compare to Framework’s prices for their parts and I guess the best advice is still, “don’t break your stuff.” But I’m happy to see Microsoft make these parts available and put out the guides. For decades, there was a norm that you released the tech specs and made repair parts available, and any step we see toward moving back to that norm is something I’m happy with.