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Thoughts on Fabric OneLake

Teo Lachev shares some thoughts:

In a previous post, I shared my overall impression of Fabric. In this post, I’ll continue exploring Fabric, this time sharing my thoughts on OneLake. If you need a quick intro to Fabric OneLake, the Josh Caplan’s “Build 2023: Eliminate data silos with OneLake, the OneDrive for Data” presentation provides a great overview of OneLake, its capabilities, and the vision behind it from a Microsoft perspective. If you prefer a shorter narrative, you can find it in the “Microsoft OneLake in Fabric, the OneDrive for data” post. As always, we are all learning and constructive criticism would be appreciated if I missed or misinterpreted something.

I think some of Teo’s criticism comes from the idea that OneLake should also mean one lakehouse or one data lake, but the abstraction is one level higher than that. I would like to see some of Teo’s ideas make it into GA, though.