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Microsoft Fabric and Process Unification

Paul Andrew gets to the heart of things:

Moving on and assuming you have seen the event sessions, I want to give you my point of view to help explain what Microsoft Fabric is. Firstly, lets clear up call out was terminology to support this understanding. Is this software offering a resource, service, platform, or solution? To answer this question, perspective is key, perspective with a timeline (2018 to 2023). We could simply say that Microsoft Fabric is all these things. All things to all data professionals and beyond. But, to understand this, let’s consider the journey Microsoft has been on and how this technology has evolved. I believe this journey is the best way to help explain what Microsoft Fabric is, rather than focusing on all the new and shiny bits.

Click through for Paul’s take on the matter and how this whole area of “modern data warehousing” has evolved over the past several years in Azure.