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SandDance in Polyglot Notebooks

Matt Eland continues a series on dotnet Polyglot Notebooks:

As I’ve been doing more and more dotnet development in notebooks with Polyglot Notebooks I’ve found myself wanting more options to create rich data visualizations inside of VS Code the same way I could use Plotly for data visualization using Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

Thankfully, Microsoft SandDance exists and fills some of that gap in terms of doing rich data visualization from dotnet code.

In this article I’ll talk more about what SandDance is, show you how you can use it inside of a Polyglot Notebook in VS Code, and show you a simple way you can use it without needing a Polyglot Notebook.

Most of my experience with SandDance was with Azure Data Studio, but it’s nice to see this capability in notebooks as well.