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Feature Branching and Hotfixes for Azure DevOps

Vytas Suopys covers a bit of source control strategy:

Have you ever deployed a release to production only to find out a bug has escaped your testing process and now users are being severely impacted? In this post, I’ll discuss how to deploy a fix from your development Synapse Workspace into a production Synapse Workspace without adversely affecting ongoing development projects.

This example uses Azure DevOps for CICD along with a Synapse extension for Azure DevOps: Synapse Workspace Deployment. In this example, I assume Synapse is already configured for source control with Azure DevOps Git and Build and Release pipelines are already defined in Azure DevOps. Instructions on how to apply this this can be found in the Azure Synapse documentation for continuous integration and delivery.

The specific example covers Synapse, though the general principle applies no matter what you’re deploying.