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9 Gotchas Working with Postgres

Phil Booth categorizes various mistakes as learning experiences:

Previously on Extreme Learning, I discussed all the ways I’ve broken production using healthchecks. In this post I’ll do the same for PostgreSQL.

The common thread linking most of these gotchas is scalability. They’re things that won’t affect you while your database is small. But if one day you want your database not to be small, it pays to think about them in advance. Otherwise they’ll came back and bite you later, potentially when it’s least convenient. Plus in many cases it’s less work to do the right thing from the start, than it is to change a working system to do the right thing later on.

Click through for the nine lessons learned, eight of which are still relevant as of PostgreSQL version 12. Many of these also have analogues in the SQL Server world, e.g., don’t overuse triggers, use non-recursive methods for path traversal when possible, do add indexes on foreign keys.