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Thinking about Execution Plan Icons

Hugo Kornelis polls the community:

Fast forward to today. More than five years have passed since I published the first pages of the SQL Server Execution Plan Reference. The world has changed, in many ways. But the icons on the reference pages have not. One might wonder whether the choices I made over five years ago are still relevant today. Or rather, I know that they are not all relevant anymore, I know that there is very good reason to rethink those choices. But this time, I prefer not to do this on my own. This time I am asking your feedback.

Click through for the entirety of Hugo’s request. My recommendation would be to keep the SSMS/ADS icon set but not old SSMS or SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. I like and still use Plan Explorer (and it’s the only third-party SQL Server execution plan reader I regularly use) but don’t need to see that icon set in Hugo’s documentation to understand what he’s covering.