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Ordered Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2022

Ed Pollack gives us the scoop on ordered columnstore indexes:

One of the more challenging technical details of columnstore indexes that regularly gets attention is the need for data to be ordered to allow for segment elimination. In a non-clustered columnstore index, data order is automatically applied based on the order of the underlying rowstore data. In a clustered columnstore index, though, data order is not enforced by any SQL Server process. This leaves managing data order to us, which may or may not be an easy task.

To assist with this challenge, SQL Server 2022 has added the ability to specify an ORDER clause when creating or rebuilding an index. This feature allows data to be automatically sorted by SQL Server as part of those insert or rebuild processes. This article dives into this feature, exploring both its usage and its limitations.

I’ve seen a couple places where ordered columnstore indexes make enough sense to use, though not as many as I had first anticipated. That might change over time, as we see additional columnstore development.