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Calculating Log Likelihood Ratios with jeva

Peter M.B. Cahusac takes us through a jamovi package:

Ever wanted to try doing an evidential analysis? You may have found it difficult to find a statistical platform to do it. Now there is the jamovi module jeva which can provide log likelihood ratios for a range of common statistical tests.

Imagine for a moment that we wish to carry out a statistical test on our sample of data. We do not want to know whether the procedure we routinely use gives us the correct answer with a specified error rate (such as the Type I error) – the frequentist approach. Nor do we want to concern ourselves with possible a priori probabilities of hypotheses being true – the Bayesian approach. We need to know whether a statistic from this particular set of data is consistent with one or more hypothetical values. Also, let’s say that we weren’t happy with how much data we had collected (a familiar problem?), and just added more when convenient. Welcome to the likelihood (or evidential) approach!

Read on for an explanation and how to try jeva out.