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Distributing Azure Costs by Cost Centers, Divisions, and Projects

Pranab Paul divvies up the costs:

While working on various customer and partner facing roles, I felt the necessity of a simple and flexible solution to align Azure Cost to the customer’s organizational structure. “Project Bose” is a fully operational prototype derived from the same thought process. This is a side project I am working on during my leisure time. I found various customers derived similar solutions in-house, and there are ISV solutions as well. But there are a few fundamental differences between “Project Bose” and all the other solutions I found. “Project Bose” has a flexible backend and hence any changes in organizational structure can easily be implemented on it without disruption. It is also independent of using Resource Tags, which gives it the opportunity to remain non-vulnerable to erroneous values injected intentionally or non-intentionally by IT-Ops.

Pranab didn’t include a link to the GitHub repo, so here it is.