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Reviewing Database Usage Trends

Brendan Tierney looks at the data:

Getting back to the topic of this post, I’ve gathered some data and obtained some league tables from some sites. These will help to have a closer look at what is really happening in the Database market throughout 2022. Two popular sites who constantly monitor the wider internet and judge how popular Databases area globally. These sites are DB-Engines and TOPDB Top Database index. These are well know and are frequently cited. Both of these sites give some details of how they calculate their scores, with one focused mainly on how common the Database appears in searches across different search engines, while the other one, in addition to search engine results/searches, also looks across different websites, discussion forms, social media, job vacancies, etc.

I don’t necessarily believe that these are totally accurate, though on the whole, I do expect the results to be directionally accurate. I’ve used DB-Engines data several times in the past and like to point out that, for any given year, 7 or 8 of the top 10 database engines are relational.