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Using the Native Pipe in R 4.1+

Michael Mayer shows off the native R pipe:

What does the pipe do? It puts the object on its left as the first argument into the function on its right: iris %>% head() is a funny way of writing head(iris). It helps to avoid long function chains like f(g(h(x))), or repeated assignments.

In 2021 and version 4.1, R has received its native forward pipe operator |> so that we can write nice code like this:

Tying pipe syntax all back together, the magrittr pipe %>% was (as I recall) built with the F# pipe |> in mind. In R 4.1 and later, the built-in pipe is |>, as is right and natural in this world. Regardless, do check the comment before trying out this code, as it appear to work for R 4.2 and later, though not 4.1.