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A Review of Prometheus Changes at PromCon

B.C. Gain reports on sessions from PromCon EU 2022:

Prometheus’ installations are now in the hundreds of thousands range with millions of users, Richard (RichiH) Hartmann, director of community at Grafana Labs and a CNCF Technical Advisory Group Observability chair, said during his talk “I don’t have to convince this room that Prometheus is a de facto standard in cloud native metric based monitoring.”

But as Prometheus’ maintainers celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the community’s needs for monitoring Kubernetes are evolving quickly. Users are also becoming smarter about what they want and need. PromCon EU 2022, held in Munich in November, the Prometheus annual user’s conference, served as a forum about how and why Prometheus must evolve and what Prometheus maintainers must do.

Prometheus is a critical part of the modern service monitoring stack; read on to learn more about histogram updates and work at the core which should help Prometheus users along the way.