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Identifying Rows in sp_wait_for_database_copy)_sync

Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz troubleshoots a problem:

As you could see in this public documentation Auto-failover groups overview & best practices – Azure SQL Database | Microsoft Learn about sp_wait_for_database_copy_sync “sp_wait_for_database_copy_sync prevents data loss after geo-failover for specific transactions, but does not guarantee full synchronization for read access. The delay caused by a sp_wait_for_database_copy_sync procedure call can be significant and depends on the size of the not yet transmitted transaction log on the primary at the time of the call.”

Our customer asked about several scenarios to understand this behaviour and also, verify if there is possible to identify the rows that have not been synced. For this, I developed a POC to test it:

Read on to see what you’d need to do.