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Using Shiny on Python

David Saipe crosses the streams:

As someone who has zero experience using Shiny in R, the recent announcement that the framework had been made available to Python users inspired an opportunity for me to learn a new concept from a different perspective to most of my colleagues. I have been tasked with writing a Python related blog post, and having spent the past few weeks carrying out an analysis of Jumping Rivers’ Twitter data (@jumping_uk), creating a dashboard to display some of my findings and then writing about it seemed like a nice way to cap off my 6-week summer placement at Jumping Rivers.

This post will take you through some of the source code for the dashboard I created, whilst I provide a bit of context for the Twitter project itself. For a more bare-bones tutorial on using Shiny for Python, you can check out another recent Jumping Rivers blog post here. I suggest reading this first.

Read on to see how you can get started with Shiny on Python and what David thinks about the experience.