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Motion Detecting and Alerting with Kafka and ksqlDB

Wei Rui and Yinsidi Jiao take us through a scenario:

Managing IoT (Internet of Things) devices and their produced data or events can be a challenge. On one hand, IoT devices usually generate massive amounts of data. On the other hand, IoT hardware has many limitations to process the data generated, such as cost, physical size, efficiency, and availability. You need a back-end system with high scalability and availability to process the growing volume of data. Things become more challenging when dealing with numerous devices and events in real time, and considering the required availability, latency, scalability, and agility for different usage and scenarios.

For Confluent Hackathon 2022, we built an end-to-end motion detection and alerting system, which currently acts as a home surveillance system, on top of Apache Kafka® and ksqlDB to demonstrate how easy it is to build IoT solutions by leveraging Confluent Cloud.

Read on to see how it works.